Boat Battambang

To/from Siem Reap Boats run from Battambang to Siem Reap across the Tonle Sap

While an incredibly beautiful trip — particularly the Battambang to Tonle Sap portion — there are significant concerns about the safety of this trip. Dodgy operators overloading non-seaworthy boats is unfortunately the norm. The trip takes 5-7 hours depending on weather, the water levels, how overloaded your boat is and the quality of the boat. They leave in the early morning and cost $20 per person. It is generally quicker, safer and more comfortable to travel between the two by road, but nowhere near as pretty.
Two companies currently offer trips to/from Siem Reap by boat. Both depart daily at 07:00 and cost $20.
Angkor Express: (012) 601 287
Chann Na: (012) 354 4344