Sek Sak Resort

S ek Sak, Battambang is one of the beautiful places that a nature loving traveler will like to explore. This is a natural resort which has remained a popular tourist spot for a long time. It is popularly known as the Sek Sak 

Resort and the area lies on the banks of a river. The area is filled with lots of trees and green vegetation making it a scenic paradise. Sek Sak, Battambang is a well known place which became famous especially during the time of Civil War. 
During the Trip to Battambang, you will find Sek Sak is located at Treng commune which lies in Rotanak Mondul District. This place is located at a distance of 50 kilometer away from the provincial town of Battambang and you are to take the National Road No 57 in order to reach the Sek Sak Resort. This road was previously known as the National Road No 10. The journey through this road is going to be beautiful and for this reason, it is expected that the whole trip is going to be enjoyable and filled with lots of fun and excitement. 
In the region of Sek Sak in Battambang, you will find large number of vegetation which consists of herbs, shrubs, trees of different species and bamboo trees. The bamboo trees that are available in the area are of 500 meters of height grabbing the tourists' attention. The place is one of the popular excursion destinations where adventure loving enthusiasts love to come and enjoy their expedition. 
Sek Sak is one of the significant Battambang Attractions, where you will like to visit some other sites that are located in the adjacent areas. There are other interesting places like Po Pus Pich Chen Da Dong Tong and Sa Ang speak. T